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"he said he just ‘wanted a guy who he could cook breakfast for’. HUGE MISTAKE. I’m never leaving."

More Texts from the South Side

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Shameless Challenge • Favorite Episode - Summer Lovin’

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Frank the Plank 1.02

You’re all looking at me like I’m fucking up. Which I am! So you knock back a few? And while you’re knocking ‘em back, you know everybody’s laughing, but that’s okay ‘cause that’s what you need. You need people laughing. You need people drinking anything so long as it’s not six kids that you didn’t want in the first place!

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here’s a crazy idea: before adding seven million new people to the cast, focuss on getting the current characters storylines right

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noel and his adorable little legs in giant boots

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Mickey Milkovich + jealousy | a.k.a. you wanna fuckin’ die?

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oops my hand slipped

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what i predict will be my most underrated joke of all time

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Fuckin’ alien lookin’.

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My perfect day.

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Third Stage
2,747 plays

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Amanda Reed on Emmy’s Instagram

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